For sale:  1996 Buick Park Avenue Ultra Supercharged, just over 17,000 original miles.  Garage kept since day one, 20 years ago, never seen snow.  I purchased this car in January, 2017 from the family of the deceased. 

Beautiful condition physically with two small paint nicks to right front portion of hood, nicks to right front bumper and right rear bumper from surface scrapes to garage door frame.  Very clean, but the driver's top removable floor mat could use a shampoo.

Mechanical:  Car runs and drives great.  It had sat up a few years in the deceased's garage.  I towed it to a mechanic who drained and refilled the gas tank, replaced a leaking wheel cylinder, and mass air flow sensor.  Naturally, it got a brand new battery.

In May, 2017 the Buick dealership replaced the a/c compressor, again likely bad from sitting up.  It blows ice cold.  The dealership also replaced a couple other sensors and installed brand new tires.  In fact, the blue protection on the whitewalls is still on there.

Minor points to note:

1)  After the car is warm and you re-start it, it didn't want to keep running until I drove it a mile or so.  Then it was okay.  To solve this issue, because two mechanics were not familiar with this old-style supercharger, I disconnected a vacuum tube from the bypass valve actuator to the butterfly valve to keep it open, allowing intake always to pass through the supercharger, not just when you floor-board it. 
2)  Again, from sitting up, when switching on the climate control on a hot day, the a/c came out the defroster vent exclusively.  After driving the car a few times, improvement came.  It would blow through the defroster for a couple minutes and then would move through the correct dash vents into the passenger compartment.  The Buick dealership tested the system, which has no vacuum leaks or issues.  It is my contention that as the car is driven regularly, this issue will resolve itself.  Again, the car sat up for years, and things got stiff inside there.
3)  The radio's power antenna will raise itself up but will not retract.  I have to push it down to go through the car wash.

I have never driven a family car that ran like a race car.  This one does.  You tap the accelerator, and the supercharger zooms this car beyond all the traffic effortlessly.  This feature was more common to a Pontiac Bonneville, but Buick did it on a few of theirs.  This car was the top of the line in its day.

It has every kind of bell and whistle you can ask for.  In addition to every conceivable power option, it has automatic headlights, a programmable garage door opener, an electric pull-down on the deck lid, individual passenger temperature control, heated mirrors, and heated seats with two levels of heat.  Both seats have a power recline switch if you want to lie down and take a nap (not while driving).  The switch on the driver's side is not working.  It is working fine on the passenger's side. 

If there is anything else to report, I don't know what it would be.  Since acquiring this car, I have driven it only about 400 miles and am not that familiar with everything about it.

I have three other cars, and decided because my favorite one to drive is my 1986 Oldsmobile 98 Regency Brougham, now showing 31,000 miles, this beautiful Buick must find a new home. 

Please call with questions.  I will do my best to answer to the best of my ability.  Buyer is to arrange his own shipping.  Or fly into Lubbock and drive this home.  Clear Texas title.  Thanks!  -Eddie

Pictures below:

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