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Two stunning chandeliers, decked out in cut lead crystal that sparkles like diamonds.  No way can a picture begin to capture it.  They are hanging in my garage, glistening and adding character.  But hey, no garage really needs these.  A big dining room or master bedroom does.

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Early Western Electric 2AA telephone dial - ready to install.  Brass finger wheel repainted, nice card holder with repro card.  Porcelain plate original, unnotched, couple slight hairlines.  Updated switch pile-up, not bench tested, but visually pulsing and shunting correctly and at the right speed.  Western Electric name and dates on outer rim, but due to repainting, hard to see clearly.  $85.00 + shipping

Good pink Western Electric 172C backing plate for a 554 wall phone.  Has a crack at upper screw hole, but won't show when the phone is placed over it.  Wee bit of wall paint down one edge.  $18.00 + shipping

Nice Western Electric ivory colored thermoplastic 302 telephone.  No cracks to the case.  Small internal fracture to handset and one hairline crack to receiver cap, none to transmitter cap.  Some discoloration to the handset.  Handset and elements dated 11/53.  Telephone dated 1/54 consistently throughout.  Cords unfrayed.  Good open wheel with three small internal fractures but looks nice, and has fantasy number card.  Working great and is plug-n-play ready with the adapter on its line cord.  $295.00 + shipping

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