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Tennie DeBusk
7112 N. FM 400 (NE Corner Hwy 114/62/82 & FM 400
Idalou, TX  79329  

Sunday,  C O M P L E T E D . . . . .

Leslie will start handing out numbers at 12 Noon for admission to the sale which starts at 1:00 p.m.  Initial entry is 50.  Thereafter, we will allow more to enter as we deem practical for our staff to handle - normally as two leave, two enter.  If you do not respond when your number is called, you forfeit entry.  When you do show up, you may obtain a new number.

These are not our rules.  Our customers established them in March, 2017, when they demanded numbers to end numerous people cutting in line and/or saving spots for their friends.  Say you were #47 in line and we were letting in 50 and several cut in line.  You were not allowed in, because you were suddenly #55, etc.

We accept cash, checks, credit and debit cards.  We do not accept Discover.

Please read our rules:

1)  Bring your own help to load heavy items.  We are unable to help.

2)  Larger items have removable price tags.  Pull the tag and hand to any worker who will mark the item "SOLD."  Please put your name and phone number on the sold tag.  Please do not take a tag off and carry it around "while you decide."  That may cost us a sale.  And it may cost you a purchase.  If a customer asks me about an item without a price tag, and nobody fesses up to have chosen it, I will sell it to the one making the inquiry.  

When you remove a tag from an item, you will be required to follow through on your purchase.  Further, please do not carry items around "while you decide."  As you empty your carry bag to the cashier, you may decide against one item, but not several. You will be required to follow through on your purchase.

3)  Keep young children by your side.  We don't allow children to run loose.  We encourage you to take whiny kids outside so they do not disburb others.

4)  Prior to the sale, we are unable to accept phone calls and/or e-mails regarding price, size, etc.  A team puts a sale together, and I probably don't know the answer.  That's what you come to the sale for.

5)  We are unable to let you claim items prior to the sale.  We operate on a level playing field.  Shoppers who have patiently stood in line expect to find the pictured items in the home.  Our customers' biggest complaints against other liquidators is waiting to get in, only to find an item gone.  Those liquidators allow their "pets" in early. We don't.  Your money is just as good as someone else's.  So again, we play on a level playing field.  

6)  In many cases we have a holding table, enabling you to go for more items.  Please take only what is yours from this table.  We have a basket of cloth shopping bags inside the door of every sale.  We encourage you to take one and to carry your items around with you.  People do steal from the holding table, and we are unable to control it.  If your item is precious to you, keep it with you.

7)  Please respect neighbors by not blocking their drive or mailbox.  Use our driveway only for loading, as some of us must come and go during the sale.

8)  Ladies:  You don't need purses the size of luggage.  You hog limited space and bump into our merchandise and into others.  You block traffic.  You raise suspicion.  

Thank you for shopping with Access to the Past, specializing in finer estates at very realistic prices.  We have conducted more sales per year during the past 12 years than any other liquidation company in Lubbock.  Thanks for your referrals and for making us Number One year after year.

If you skipped the red print above, please read it.  Especially the rules regarding the number system.  Thank you!  -Eddie & Staff

The Sale:  

Tennie's home was built in the 1950's, and only her family ever lived in it.  So the home and contents are immaculate.  The home is sold, and we must sell out wall to wall what's in it.  And there's a lot of cool stuff.

Ranch Oak wagon wheel sofa, end table, desk, chest of drawers and mirror.

Blonde and light brown mid-century furniture in bedrooms and living room.  Den features massive heavy dark oak furniture and complementary lamps, as well as a handsome grandfather clock, game table, etc.

Breakfast room has a dinette with 7-8 chairs (I forget how many), and is covered with beautiful Franciscan Apple pottery, all priced individually so you can add to your set only what you need.

Big, substantial Panasonic microwave, Whirlpool side by side fridge, and neat retro kitchen collectibles, Kirby, quality wrought iron patio furniture and 1950's furniture in the patio area covered with vintage fabric, a treadmill, two Jazzy scooters (needing batteries).

Also, Native American collectibles, 1930's floor-model radio, curio, costume jewelry, king bedroom suite, pretty clothing for the ladies, and much more.

Thanks!  -Eddie

We take cash, checks, and cards (except Discover).