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Joyce & Bob Kohler (Living Estate)
6309 Raleigh Avenue
Lubbock, TX  79414
(Please follow directions:  picture the intersection of 65th & Quaker.  Okay, we are on the intersection of Raleigh & Quaker, one block north of 65th & Quaker.)

Friday, November 24th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Saturday, November 25th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Sunday, November 26th from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. (close-out prices)

We hand out numbers one hour before opening time on opening date.  One number per person.  Initial entry is 40. 

As two leave, two get in.  If you are not present when your number is called, you lose your place but may obtain a new number.  This is because someone has come after you, received a number, and has stood in line.  I didn't make the rules.  Our shoppers did.  This system is completely designed and dictated by you, our customers. 

We accept cash, checks, credit and debit cards.  We do not accept Discover.

Please read our rules:

1)  Bring your own help to load heavy items.  We are unable to help.

2)  Larger items have removable price tags.  Pull the tag and hand to any worker who will mark the item "SOLD."  Please put your name and phone number on the sold tag.  Please do not take a tag off and carry it around "while you decide."  That may cost us a sale.  And it may cost you a purchase.  If a customer asks me about an item without a price tag, and nobody fesses up to have chosen it, I will sell it to the one making the inquiry. 

When you remove a tag from an item, you will be required to follow through on your purchase.  Further, please do not carry items around "while you decide."  As you empty your carry bag to the cashier, you may decide against one item, but not several. You will be required to follow through on your purchase.

3)  Keep young children by your side.  We don't allow children to run loose.  We encourage you to take whiny kids outside so they do not disburb others.

4)  Prior to the sale, we are unable to accept phone calls and/or e-mails regarding price, size, etc.  A team puts a sale together, and I probably don't know the answer.  That's what you come to the sale for.

5)  We are unable to let you claim items prior to the sale.  We operate on a level playing field.  Shoppers who have patiently stood in line expect to find the pictured items in the home.  Our customers' biggest complaints against other liquidators is waiting to get in, only to find an item gone.  Those liquidators allow their "pets" in early. We don't.  Your money is just as good as someone else's.  So again, we play on a level playing field. 

6)  In many cases we have a holding table, enabling you to go for more items.  Please take only what is yours from this table.  We have a basket of cloth shopping bags inside the door of every sale.  We encourage you to take one and to carry your items around with you.  People do steal from the holding table, and we are unable to control it. 

7)  Please respect neighbors by not blocking their drive or mailbox.  Use our driveway only for loading, as some of us must come and go during the sale.

8)  Ladies:  You don't need purses the size of luggage.  You hog limited space and bump into our merchandise and into others.  You block traffic.  You raise suspicion. 

Thank you for shopping with Access to the Past, specializing in finer estates at very realistic prices.  We have conducted more sales per year during the past 11 years than any other liquidation company in Lubbock.  Thanks for your referrals and for making us Number One year after year.

The first picture below is that of a couple over 50 years ago.  They come to all of our sales, but who are they?  The first shopper coming in Friday, who can identify the mystery couple, wins a $25 gift certificate to this sale or a future sale.  Family related to the couple will not be eligible to participate.

Calling all men:  Storage shed out back is full of high-end lawn equipment such as a Honda mower, reel mower, gas powered edgers and leaf blowers.  Also a rolling leaf picker upper, Kennedy tool chest, and hand tools for the lawn.  Garage has lots of smaller hand tools, hardware, and little airplanes with tiny combustible engines.  We even have fuel to sell for them.

Big collections of Shirley Temple dolls, Steiff bears, nice big brown leather recliner, curio cabinets, Maytag Neptune W-D, Massachusetts antiques such as a hand-made cedar chest, firkin (sugar bucket w/ handle), and a chest we don't know what to call.

We have clowns, Van Briggle lamp w/ butterfly shade, black Victorian Count Dracula capes, an 1800's silk parasol used in a carriage, Masonic, 1920's Underwood typewriter, 5-piece modular office furniture, Energizer bunny, iMove boombox, 1920's cameras, dancing marionette, pennants, PSR-330 yamaha keyboard, ladders, a box of doll bodies and parts, 1930's Gilbert 8 1/2" Ferris Wheel erector set, small chest freezer, patio furniture, and lots more.