How does it begin?  When you declare that there are no inhabitants in the home and that everything you're keeping is marked and/or has been removed, our crew comes in, sets it all up, stages it to perfection, and prices every item.  We then market your sale in local papers and on this website.  The only thing you do is to give us the key.  We do all the rest.  And when it's over, we can assist you in a charitable donation of the remainder (which is usually pretty meager, because our sell-through rate is 95%.)

Many homes start off like this one, requiring long and tedious hours of heavy 
work by our crew.  

The end result is a home staged to perfection - merchandised so that the sale brings top dollar and empties the home.  The sale is advertised in all local newspapers and posted on this website under the tab "Next Sale" for everyone to see.

For more examples, click on the tab "Prior Sale" to see one properly staged and sold out wall to wall.
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