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Current and Upcoming Sales
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Massive Shop Sale for Wes And Gayle Ninemire with tons of tools, collectibles, and much more!
8701 Valencia
Lubbock TX 79424

Wednesday, July 10,  4 - 8:00 p.m.

Thursday, July 11, 10 - 5:00 p.m.

Friday, July 12, 10 - 5:00 p.m.

Saturday, July 13, 10 - 3:00 p.m. @ 30% off *

Sunday, July 14, 1 - 5:00 p.m. @ 50% off *

*Exclusions may apply!

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, we no longer allow large purses, handbags, backpacks, etc.

We will limit access to 40 persons at all times! 

There are step ups and downs throughout the property, please use caution as we are not responsible for accidents!

Masks are optional but we offer no guarantee against cooties.

We accept cash, credit and debit cards, and checks if we know you. We charge sales tax!

Please read our rule
1.) Bring your own help to load heavy items. We are unable to help.

2.) Larger items have removable price tags. Pull the tag and hand to any worker who will mark the item "SOLD." Please put your name and phone number on the sold tag. Please do not take a tag off and carry it around "while you decide." That may cost us a sale. And it may cost you a purchase. If a customer asks me about an items without a price tag and nobody fesses up to have chosen it, I will sell it to the one making the inquiry.

Further, please do not carry items around "while you decide." As you empty your carry bag to the cashier, you may decide against one item, but not several. You will be required to follow through on your purchase.

3.) Keep your children by your side. We don't allow children to run loose. We encourage you to take whiny kids outside so they do not disturb others.
4.) Prior to the sale, we are unable to accept phone calls and/or e-mails regarding price, size, etc. A team puts a sale together and I probably don't know the answer. That's what you come to the sale for.

5.) We are unable to let you claim items prior to the sale. We operate on a level playing field. Shoppers who have patiently stood in line expect to find the pictured items in the home. Our customers biggest complaints against other liquidators is waiting to get in, only to find an item gone. Those liquidators allow their "pets" in early. We don't. Your money is just as good as someone else's.

6.) We have a holding table, enabling you to go for more items. Please take only what is yours from this table. We have a basket of cloth shopping bags inside the door of every sale. We encourage you to take one and to carry your items around with you. People do steal from the holding table and we are unable to control it. If your item is precious to you, keep it with you.

7.) Please respect neighbors by not blocking their drive or mailbox. Use our driveway only for loading, as some of us must come and go during the sale.

8.) Ladies: You don't need purses the size of luggage. You hog limited space and bump into merchandise and into others. You block traffic. You raise suspicion.

Thank you for shopping with Access to the Past, specializing in finer estates at very realistic prices. Thank you for your referrals and for your loyalty.

If you skipped the above information please read it. Thank you! - Todd & Staff

We are back this week with a massive sale including tools, a large collection of telephones and SW Bell memorabilia, lunch boxes, camping related, and so much more. Wes has collected for 60 years and he and Gayle have decided it is time to part with his collections and they've sold the building se we need to get everything sold.

The sale includes:

Many telephones of all varieties

Media blaster

Metal brake

Several compressors including gas powered John Deere

Vintage Wilton vises and other vises

Large Husky roll away tool chest

Rockwall Delta 10" Unisaw w/Biesemeyer Fence system

Several Routers

Jet Woodworking lathe

Miller Millermatic 135 Wire Welder

Craftsman oscillating spindle sander

Delta 16" scroll saw

Multiple grinder/buffers on stands

Craftsman 14" band saw

Shop Fox sander

Vintage Craftsman arc welder

Full size welding rig

Small welding rig 

Hessaire portable evaporative cooler

Makita cut off saw

Delta compound miter saw on Rigid stand

Welding tables with antique vises

Vintage camping related

Coleman lanterns

Lots of ice chests of all sizes

Coleman stove


Top Hat beer crate

Remington ammo crate

Bell system tools in bags

Bell telephone climbing rigs

Large antique cross cut saw

Shop built trailers

Dual axle trailer

Lots of lead ingots

Vintage and antique lunch boxes

Tool storage of all types and sizes included wood, metal, and plastic

Lots of heavy duty shelving including 16" pallet racks

Large rolling scaffold

Work tables of all kinds

Collection of Thermos bottles 

Small camera collection

Storage cabinets of all sizes

Small storage cabinets with drawers

Large storage cabinet with drawers

Mobile stairway

Many ladders

Cans of nuts, bolts, nails, screws, etc

Lawn mowers

Weed eaters

Numerous signs 

Gulf grease can with pump

Parts washer

Lots of Dewalt tools corded and battery

More hand tools of all types than we have ever seen 

Lots of handheld power tools

Vintage hubcaps

Large collection of antique to modern license plates

Coleman Powermatic convection heater

Several gas burners for outdoor cooking

Storage barrels

And an absolute ton more!

Please note: We are not responsible for accidents. Please use caution on the property and the step ups/downs.

​​We are unable to help load large and/or heavy items, please plan accordingly

​​Sales tax will be charged

​​We do not have time to answer emails or phone calls as we are busy putting together this and other sales​​

​​We appreciate your business and thank you for coming to our sales 

​​Todd and the Access to the Past team

All pictures are available on EstateSales.Net/Lubbock